Sunday, March 30, 2008

A wonderful hectic weekend to remember

After returning from Tucson, I haven't really felt the urge to blog on a regular basis, or rather not at all. But this weekend has brought so many nice events and memories, that I thought I needed a place to put the pictures and tell some stories.
Little brother Peter, his girlfriend Stinne and me drove to Copenhagen early Friday the 28th of March. Primarily to join the Catholic ceremony of "firmelse" of our big brothers youngest daughter, Nina. 
But we actually started by meeting Thomas Bonne at Rigshospitalet, where he performed a DEXA scan of Peter and me. The DEXA scan is an advanced form of X-ray, well suited to measure bone density, but will also tell you about your overall body composition. Peter had 6,6 % body fat compared to my 7% and Bones 5,5 %. I had some strong bones though and I shouldn't have to worry about osteoporosis for a while.
After the scan, we had a very un-paleo sandwich at an Iranian cafe, before we met with Peter Riis Andersen. He had just finished a mandatory dissection class at his medical study, but nevertheless insisted on having lots of red meat for dinner... Mr. Riis Andersen is going to Beijing in August, to compete in the Olympic MTB competition. He's pretty hung up with a demanding medical school and training to perform at world class level. Friday morning he did a 3 x 11.30 minute effort consisting of MTB specific wattage between 400 and 550 watts! After doing a one hour warm up on PowerCranks, of course... He still needed a PM work out though and Pete, Pete and me ran for half an hour - a very time efficient, but non specific for Riis Andersen, but he did good and actually seemed to enjoy it. He then made an absolutely wonderful dinner of bloody red steak, owen baked potatoes and a gorgeous mushroom sauce. I realized how much I love potatoes... I was pleasantly intoxicated by the Chilean red wine and I haven't had such a nice dinner since Salmon a la Jon Roberts. Peter and I waited for Wibke to come home and she finally arrived a little past midnight, looking good as always. Mr. Riis Andersen prepared a consequently grain and sugar based breakfast and as with the dinner, I have to admit that bread and cereals tastes wonderful... Riis Andersen gave me a big box of his old team jerseys, skin suits and accesories, so I'll train (looking) like a pro for a while. Radiating with high blood sugar we went of to the Catholic church in Bredgade for a magnificent religious ceremony. I'm not a big fan of religion in general and Christianity in particular, but the Catholic church really knows how to put on a great show. There wasn't one boring moment for two hours and I understood most of the wise advice being offered by the Bishop. Our niece looked wonderful and seemed to have a great time. I rarely meet with brother and sisters family, but when I do, I promise myself to do it more often, as we always have a lot to offer each other. There's good eating, sharing memories, laughing and story telling, which lightens up my heart for a long time. Unfortunately, Peter, Stinne and me had to drive back to Jutland and prepare for Sundays Danish Championships in Duathlon, taking place in Viborg, across the street from where I live. 
Peter has prepared well for this race, which consists of 3 km xc run - 10 km MTB - 3 km xc-run - 10 km MTB - 3 km xc-run. Peter started out easy, to prevent a exploding legs on the fast paced first run. Once on the MTB, Peter soon took the lead and held it all the way to the finish line.
The elite field wasn't exactly over crowded, but there was a lot of good racers and we were all greeted by warm temperatures and a very nice course. I finished somewhere around 10th place and with Kjeld Nielsens fine 5th place, we took gold medals in the team competition.
Hopefully Peter will be able to use his currently physical shape in PowerMan Holland in three weeks. He'll travel with Chris Fischer (who unfortunately snapped his chain today and DNF'ed) who is incredibly physically gifted and could be a podium contender - best of luck for you all.
That's all for now, if something interesting comes up, I'll be back, see Ya.