Saturday, June 21, 2008

The noble art of self defense

Friday the 20th of June we went boxing at the local boxing club. The students had been doing an all-nighter, drinking and dancing down town, but nobody mentioned it a single time. Søren Nivå, former Danish kick boxing champ, was giving us a taste of boxing in a strenuous two hour session. I wisely volunteered to be the photographer and had lots of fun seeing the youngsters sandbagging and kicking. We ended the session with Steffen, Johanne and Sevar each fighting Søren for a round, which showed us all how exhausting and technically challenging boxing can be. A really hard day, for the students, as everyone had to get back and get ready for the Friday night cafe... They've only got a week left here at GIV, so they don't wanna miss a beat. Neither do I with this lovely bunch of guys, so I might go and check it out too...


Lucho said...

Hi Claus- First off- boxing was the first sport I ever tried! I love it! Boxers are fit dudes (and girls)..
I have a long and detailed post in rough draft in regards to your question on my blog. I will try to get it up ASAP. That was a great question- one that is not asked often enough.

Claus Bech said...

Hi Tim, I don´t do much boxing myself, though my Eastern medicin oriented therapist tell me to do some more explosive stuff (yang) to balance out the repetitive natured endurance training (yin).
I think there´s a lot of unrealized energy in letting go of aggression and perhaps some survival, fight or flight, mechanisms sets in. I got some suggestions ofr future topics on your blog, as I would very much like to hear your opinion/reflections on, Claus