Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday, Feb 7th, 2010 - Super Bowl 44

Woke up to pouring rain, had breakfast and went to sleep again...
Went to Curtis and Stella for brunch/second breakfast.
It was Stella's birthday and we all ended up having a sugar rush/crash from all the pancakes. Went on to the outlet mall to shop for Nike shoes and Levis jeans, lots of stuff and very cheap. Allan got a haircut while the rest of us ran around Randolph Golf course.
At 4 p.m. we entered the Roberts mansion for Super Bowl party.
First we all went to check our pre game body weight and we soon decided not to do a post game control, as the first numbers were scary enough...
We were served tons of chips, tostidas, salsa, guacamole, pretzels, roasted peanuts, M&M's, beers, soda's, wine etc. - and that was just the starters!

Dinner was a very delicious jambalaya; a tribute to New Orleans Saints, who Jon cheered, loudly, for. Side dishes were corn bread and corn caserole and to top it all off, we had peanut-chocolate cookies.
Besides the Roberts family and the four Danes, Greg and Laura was there and we all cheered for the Colts. The Saints got the win and Super Bowl rings and Jon got the bragging rights.

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