Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday, Feb 3rd, 2010 - Frank's finally

The forecasted heavy rains turned out to be a light sprinkle, but we had designated the day to running. Dan, Peter and I ran around Randolphs golf course, a 3 mile loop, with an option of either asphalt or dirt trail. After putting on dry clothes at he parking lot, next to the car, we headed to the infamous breakfast place/grease pit known as Frank's. Their slogan is "Elegant dining elsewhere" and is pretty much as old school American as You'll find it. We had blueberry pancakes, some scrambled egg and bacon and hash brown potatoes. At 4.30 p.m. we all went to Bill Peterson to see Peter get fitted with his new orthotics. He even went on the treadmill and Bill gave him a quick analysis and some recommendations regarding landing on his forefoot and maybe run in flatter trainers/racers, as that will benefit the natural running gait. Bill was very interested in Dan's shoes from Fusion. They exchanged views on running shoes and seemed to agree on how a shoe should be built. Dan and Peter dropped me off at home and I made a huge pot of chili con carne, which is my part of tomorrows potluck. Peter then drove to the airport to pick up Allan Lundhus, who was so fed up with the cold Danish weather, that he decided to have fun riding his bike in the sun. Allan has been here a couple of times before so he's familiar with the scheduled ride for tomorrow: Kitts Peak, which is approx. 200 km, with a 20 km climb in the middle.

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