Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2010 - Summerhaven - picturesque trip

The snow plow had been working overtime to clear the roads on Mt. Lemmon of the 14 inches of snow they got Monday. Brought the camera and took my time to shoot some of the vistas along the way to Summerhaven. I only wanted to go to mile 15, but since the road was clear, but very wet, I kept on going until I suddenly reached Summerhaven. By far the easiest ascent so far. Got a Cliff bar and some trail mix from a fellow cyclist, Jim, to help me get safely down to the desert floor.


Sthenic said...

Hey Claus, Darien here. I didn't realize you were leaving town so soon. Nice to see you out today and you sure looked like you were moving along well today. Hope to see you again next time.

Claus Bech said...

Yeah, unfortunately it's time to leave Tucson. It's been great riding with you guys. I wish we could have gone all the way to Summerhaven, but that has to be next time then. Best of luck on the Mt. Graham TT, stay fast and healthy, Claus