Saturday, December 29, 2007

Back in Tucson

So after a pretty uneventful flight I´m back in Tucson.

Peter and his girlfriend Stine drove me to Hamburg Airport and after more than 24 hours of travelling, I was picked up in Tucson Intl. Airport by Jon Roberts.

I first met Jon Roberts back in 1998, when me and my brother went to Tucson for the first time and we stayed at the (in)famous Aquila Manor - a nice apartment complex crowded by cyclists and owned by Jon.

Jon and his wife Jo has always treated us as part of their family and it´s a great feeling, knowing that you can travel across the globe and they´ll help you in any way they can. In Denmark, Americans are known for their great hospitality and I wish more people would have the opportunity to experience this by themselves. Besides giving a unique insight to American culture and mentality, it makes you believe in the importance and value of first hand international relationships.

Jon and Jo has a great kid called Cole. I´ve seen him grow up over the last 10 years and noticed that he´s now riding bikes, playing baseball, feeding horses, staying home alone, baking cookies, expert in LEGO and has a great sense of humour. By the next I get here he´ll probably have outgrown me...

The Roberts have built a new house on the very east side of town on a huge property, which allows them to have horses in their backyard. The house is absolutely beautiful. It´s Spanish adobe style with very high ceilings and beautiful decorations. The craftmanship is second to none and it´s a pleasure walking around, discovering new details in this, by all standards, exceptional hous.

The riding has never been easier than from here: no traffic lights to deal with and you´re on to Old Spanish Trail in two minutes and Mt. Lemmon in 20 minutes - what else do you need?

Well, I´m still trying to deal with jetlag and trying to fit in to Tucsons time zone, 8 hours+.

Yesterday we rode three hours, 80 km, and I snug up to mile 1 at Mt. Lemmon - it´s an outstanding mountain, can´t wait to go all the way to Windy Point and Summerhaven...

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