Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years Eve Party last night!

Curtis and Skiles had a big fire going, that was visible from most of Tucson. It´s pretty illegal within city boundaries, but gave a really good heat in the cold evening. All of a sudden, there was a lot of sirenes sounding and I think Curtis was sure it was the police and fire dept. coming to our rescue. The early New Years Eve celebration was caused by peoples usually busy schedules on that particaular night, so it was a good idea as a lot of people showed up. The theme was superheroes and there was some good creativity put in to most of the customes - not mine though, I just wore my Flash Gordon T-shirt... Skiles hates custome parties and he ended up throwing his new bought black cape on the fire before the party really got started! He looked kind of silly anyway, but nowhere compared to Curtis who wore a giant Winnie The Pooh dress! I´m not sure I know all of the Marvel carachters, but ´she´s definitely not one of them and by the way Trish, Santa Claus isn´t either.

There were lots of beers, wine, licquor and soft drinks, not to mention the awesome food! I hadn´t had dinner so I snacked my way through it all - the tamales were kind of tricky to handle.
Went home around 11, still a bit affected by the jet lag, but I´m getting adapted. Went by K-Mart on the way home to get some bananas and Cliff Bars...

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