Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Monday morning, a new week has started and it just so happens to be the last day of 2007. Having time of from work feels like it´s friday afternoon all the time: no hurries, no worries - life´s a bless.

Example: wake up at 6 am to the nice smell of freshly brewed coffee, a small breakfast and getting ready for a morning run . Jo took me to the Broadway Trailhead and we did a marvellous trail run in between the fascinating giant saguaros, chollas, prickly pears, sleeping lizards, Jack rabbits and the dreaded snakes coming out from hibernation. I was running behind Jo the whole way, untill she said that rattlesnakes usually don´t bite the first person in a group but the second or third...

After some stretching, Jo went home in the car and I ran home, ending up with empty legs and 94 minutes of running. After some recovery food and a shower, I put on the the kinky compression socks (Powertubes made by Fusion) and headed to the workshop to put on my new PowerCranks. As much as I like the effects of riding the PowerCranks, I must admit there´s supposed to be a law against mutilating a nice looking, light weight bike with these massive chunks of metal! After replacing the SRM cranks with the Lock Out PowerCranks, the bike gained more than two pounds!!!

Well, I guess you should look at the overall picture and why not loose a few pounds of adipose tissue instead?

Anyway, after a well executed powernap, I got dressed for the PM ride and headed out in the bright sunshine of a 68 F/19 C day, made for riding. My first ride without warm knees/arms/legs and such a nice feeling that is.

What wasn´t so nice was getting used to PC´s again...

First problem was clicking in to LOOK pedals instead of Time MTB pedals - I´ll have to stay away from Full Stops signs and red lights for a while. At first I couldn´t even hit the 180 degree rhythm, but once I got going things got smoother. It wasn´t the easy recovery spin it was supposed to be, but more like a tired, stubborn man struggling at 15 mph...

Made it up till Babad Doag Vista Point at three miles up Mt. Lemmon and enjoyed a banana while overlooking most of Tucson from and east side perspective.

Limped back after 2.30 and 66 km, had a shower and off to sushi dinner with Cole, Jo, Jon and Howard and Suzy. The food was very delicious, but don´t bother ordering the omelet - I craved a plate full of a 12 eggs omelet, but got to square pieces of stiff egg nicely arranged on a ball of rice. It was past midnight GMT, so the Brits and I congratulated each other with a happy New Year. Then The High Forties took off to see a movie and Cole and me cruised around the neighborhood (west on Broadway) to check out some cool ice cream palace, but with no luck. I got a set of Skull Candy earphones instead and they have an impressive bass - watch out eardrums!

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