Saturday, December 15, 2007

Everybody loves saturday night

Yeah, and this saturday night is particularly sweet, as I enjoy a well deserved rest from a good day of training. My good friend, Dan, came by for a short training weekend. Today we went for a 4 hour ride, relaxed with some European Swimming Champs on the TV and ended the day with a slow 1 hour run in the dark, collecting orienteering posts in the area around the local golf course.

My hip flexors carried me through nicely untill the three hour mark, then they slowly disintegrated and the last hour was a lot less elegant, but more painful...

Tomorrows program is the less known multisport event of 1500m swim, breakfast, moving stuff, putting my US-bound bike together and fixing my car + eats in between.

Phoned my former mother-in-law tonight (her brother has died) and she sounded just like she did 10 years ago and I bet she´s just as beautiful. Strangely enough we don´t see each other much, despite living relatively close together in this rather small town - wisiting her in 2008 gotta be a New Years Resolution Top Candidate.

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Dan said...


Tak for en hyggelig tur. Desværre fik vi jo ikke rigtigt flyttet noget. Fik dog gjort det vigtigste, svømmet.