Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Which bike to choose?

So after being stressed out for about a week of moving all my stuff to my new apartment, some long postponed illness finally caught up with me and I´m feeling kind of weak. Funny how you can absorb a certain amount of stress for a certain amount of time, you then relax and so does your immune system. Well, I have 10 week holiday in front of me so I´ll get over it in time to enjoy my time off.

Right now I have to make sure I pack whatever I´m going to need for the next 8 weeks in Tucson, Arizona. From what I´ve heard The States should be pretty developed from a consuming point of view, so I might be able to buy the inevitable forgotten stuff. Actually I´ve already made a list of "need to have" stuff that I just gotta have, or my life will instantly turn miserable...

On the list of absolute necessities is: Powerbars, Cliffbars, a Kurt Kinetic Hometrainer, SkullCandy earphones, earplugsnoprene toe covers, the atheist book by Sam Harris, a couple of triathlon magazines and a lot organic fruit and vegetables - just bare essentials!

This is my fourth visit to Tucson for bike training and I know what to expect. Even though I consider myself a triathlete, I´m not bringing my TT bike as I intend to go for high volume and wanna be as comfortale as possible, so I´m opting for my road bike.

It´s gonna be my first time riding a carbon bike on the, sometimes rough roads of Tucsonand I hopefully I´ll have a softer ride than usual.

Well, back to packing and blowing my nose...

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