Thursday, December 13, 2007

Moving and the noble art of basic living

I´ve decided to create this blog in order to keep my family and friends up to date with my daily life and thoughts, while I´m in Tucson, AZ, USA, in January and February 2008.
Right now I´m moving out of the house I´ve considered home for the last few years. Sorting and packing all your belongings is a great chance to get rid of a lot of the junk that you´ve collected during the years.
Or a time to dwell on all the memories that each of the objects bring back to mind.
I´m really bad at throwing stuff out - you´ll never know when some of the things just might come in handy. On a therapeutic level, throwing stuff out is like cleaning up your mind.
In a world, extremely focused on material belongings, somehow the things we own end up owning us - we´re so afraid to loose or miss anything and we build our lifes around gathering and consuming material stuff.
With the fear of loosing the stuff we over-insure ourselfs and build fortresses with locks and alarms - all based on fear and disbelief in other humans.
And I´m very much infected with this bug...
I guess Freud would have explained this behavior with some kind of crisis in the anal phase - afraid of letting go/loose...
I´m a little ashamed of myself when I realize how much stuff I own, that I rarely/never use. Being a simple man, living a simple life, I go through certain simple routines everyday, that doesn´t require very much fancy or varied equipment.
Example: I eat a lot of raw fruit and vegetables and I peel and shred a lot everyday. But I can´t explain why I have +12 knifes and two electrical devices, when I only use the same two utensils?!?
Why have 7 bicycles, when you can only ride one at the time? I got a better and more qualified answer to that question, which I´ll cover later.

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