Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday, Jan 29nd, 2010

Full moon tonight, the brightest in 2010, hope I'll get some sleep. I'm pretty energetic at the moment, 8.45 p.m., despite having done a 100 miles/161km today and spent 5.40 on or close to the bike. Went over Gates Pass/McCain Loop and north on Sandario with Jenny, then we split after sixty km, she went back home on Twin Peaks and I headed further west on Avra Valley. Stopped to get water at 70 km, at "The Waterhole", at Avra Valley and Anway. Had a banana as well and broke the fast. South on Anway, East on Manville and South on Sandario, all the way to Ajo, where I made a u-turn and went up Sandario to Mile Wide and back over Gates Pass. Felt really good coming back and wanted to go for a run, but decided to save some energy for the upcoming weekend, which should be long and somewhat hard. Dan and Peter escaped the snow storm and got all their luggage through customs in Denver and they're now in Tucson, getting hold of some kind of transportation. Hopefully they'll get all their stuff right away, so we can go riding tomorrow. Maybe the Shootout or some more humane and then go and see the crits down at U of A - we'll see.
When I have trouble falling asleep, I often look at this picture... It's Peter and his adorable wife Katrine, aka the she-dragon, discussing the color of the wall paper and if they should get have another child, which they apparently decided to, as they've just got their third kid, Ludvig. If he's just half as enjoyable as their other offspring, he's gonna be a great kid.

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