Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday, Jan 30th, 2010-Riding w Dan, Peter and Lesley

First ride with Peter and Dan went over Gates Pass, McCain Loop and back. It was windy out there today and with a slight cloud cover, 16 degrees C felt chilly. The entertainment was provided by a local Chewbacca called Lesley, who rode in a pair of sawed off Levis jeans. Man, the guy was friggin' ripped, and furry, the dude totally rocked!!!  It was good company for a couple of miles. Later on we encountered the legendary/ (in)famous "Grey Wolf" on an all black bike and his customary pink outfit...
Had an overstuffed burrito at La Salsa and went to see the criterium at U of A. Met with the Riccitellos and saw the collegiate heat.
I didn't bother taking a shower as we headed out for some trail running at the end of Broadway.

By the time we were done the sun was setting and we had a gorgeous display of warm, reddish colors.
Dan and Peter raided Trader Joe's, stacking up with all the good stuff, that'll fuel the engines for the next couple of days.

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Simon said...

Great pictures you got. I was just visitting your blog and found it very enteristing:)