Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 14th - Jan 17th, 2010

Thursday, Jan 14, 2010:
90 km easy ride with Jenny, quick lunch, shower, new bike kit and then on the bike and 10 miles down to Bill Peterson at, where I had a bike fit. I've had some lower back pain in my right side, which is also where I have all my running related ailments, so it'll be interesting to see if I can get some help to relieve the problems. I was put on a wind trainer with shiny patches on my lower back and vertebra and got recorded and was aligned by laser lights. Bill measured my arch height and length of my feet and looked for structural and/or functional leg discrepancies. Bill seemed very competent and told me he would make a custom insole for my cycling shoes, so I'm ready for a revisit in a week. He raised my saddle and took it as far back as it could, which will be interesting to feel over the next couple of weeks. My cleats were positioned further back, which is right under the ball of my feet.

Friday, Jan 15th, 2010:
Ran 40 min. in the morning and went for a 2.30 spin in the afternoon. I had some pain in my neck and shoulder after the new position, but hopefully it'll be absent at tomorrows Shootout.

Saturday, Jan 16th, 2010:
went to the Shootout with Jenny and we decided to take it easy with George and Kathryn. I got a little carried away and stayed at the back of the peloton as the fired up the engines out towards the bridge. In my position at the back of the pack, I could tell we had a stalking police car and all of a sudden he went to the front and ordered the peloton to stop. He had gotten a complaint for careless riding... He was nice, though and when he let us go again, the group immediately exploded and I decided to TT to the bridge by myself and the regroup with George, Jenny and Kathryn. Jenny went back on Old Nogales and the rest of us went towards Madera Canyon. George went up by himself and after having shed some clothes, I took on the challenge of the steep 4 mile climb. Halfway I thought it was a lot easier than remembered, but then I was forced out of the saddle and into survival mode. 280 watt average and a I promised myself to get a 12-25 cassette asap.
Bonked a bit with 15 minutes to go; 110 miles/171 km, 5.48 and 3500 kcal on two 240 kcal Powerbars. I tried to get in some calories, while trying to save some appetite for tonights dinner at George's house. George has five cats an they have their own castle like construction occupying most of the big living room. We had a lovely, so called, Italian Wedding Soup, consisting of big meatballs, vegetables and rice - yum yum. A Norwegian, called Frank, who's studying hydro technology at U of A and a passionate bike rider came over and it was great talking about Norway, bike riding and life in general. All in all a very pleasant evening.

Sunday, Jan 17th, 2010:
I was pretty wasted when I went up Mt. Lemmon with SWHC at 8.30 a.m. I was struggling in my new 25, which was a sig of things to come. My ride was pretty miserable and I happy to get home with 70 km in 3 hrs...

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