Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday, Jan 23, 2010

Got up at 6 a.m. to get some coffee and porridge started, hoping for pleasant weather for the Shootout. But to my dismay it was all wet, cold and dark outside... Had a quick council with Jenny and we decided to buy ourselves another hour and join the SWHC at 8.30 instead, hoping for things to clear up. The ride was really good, my new insoles/fixed cleat felt awkward at first, but I things that, once I break the in, it'll make a big difference. There's definitely less floating around and much more power seems to be directed into each pedal stroke. Todays ride went out West past Twin Peaks and Rattlesnake Ridge. I was adviced not to go long or hard for a few days and I really tried to sit in at the back, but then things got a little crazy at the front and since I was feeling really good, I decided to share the work and it was a good effort for 20-30 minutes. Coming back on Silverbell, I went with Shawn Daley over Gates Pass, where he was gonna do McCain Loop. I turned left on Kinney Road and went into Ironwood to check out the orienteering event. The whole set up actually looked a lot like home, with the maps, symbols, SI-timing system and so on. I think I'll ride out here tomorrow, buy a map and jog around very slowly, as the terrain is very unfamiliar! Went back over Gates Pass with Shawn, whom I miraculously met at Kinney/Gates Pass Rd, and with a strong tailwind it was pretty easy negotiating the 14% part. I ended up with 125 km and a little sore feet, but nothing too serious. After some snacking, SRM down loading and a nap, I ran for 25 minutes on my 333m trail... The mountains look gorgeous, all capped in snow and the sun set made them glow pink and orange; kind of funky back-drop, with the palms and saguaro's in the front.

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