Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bulls penis, anyone?

Don't get too surprised to see the Chinese athletes dominate in a lot of disciplines at this years Olympic Games. Their conception of developing elite athletes are well known from anecdotes of former Eastern Bloc countries. Combine this highly organized, focused and goal oriented system with a population exceeding a billion and the probability of producing outstanding human performance is pretty good. 
This article ,gives you a an idea of the extent to which this regime will go in producing results to promote their country, no matter the costs. Human development, respect for the individual and soft values like happiness is secondary, if considered at all. It's easy to become ethnocentric and judging other peoples and cultures according to the standards of your own culture, but this just seems a bit inhumane. Regarding the choice of food, I'm more unsure. In Denmark, and in most of the Western culture, we have a pretty limited group of animals on the menu card. Snakes, insects, dogs and different organs are not that common. In Denmark we used to consider horse meat a fine meat, but now it's mostly considered a pet, as is most dogs.
The pictures above is a mere example of the possible polarization of the human body. 
Gotta get yourself a g-string, Mom...

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