Friday, February 1, 2008

Missing bicycle...

Picked Peter up in the airport at midnight last night. He was fine, but he's bicycle box was missing...  Very frustrating, considering that's a main part of his reason for being here. Add to that the additional fee of 150 USD to get the box on the airplane at all., Lufthansa, United Airlines/Canada Air you can do better than that, or go and run a used car shop instead!
We got to bed at 2 am and woke up as the sun rose at 6.45 am. Had some oatmeal and coffee and searched the "bagtracker" for the missing bike box. Went for a 10 km run in the nice warm morning. Called around for the box, with no luck, for a couple of hours, before we finally called Jon & Jo Roberts to ask if Peter could borrow one of their bikes. The answer was yes of course, so we threw our cycling gear in a bag and drove East. Jon helped Peter adjust his saddle and a little later we were on our way to Mt. Lemmon Jon & Jo turned back at Babad Doag, while Peter and I went on to mile 5. The CAAD 8 Cannondale is a size 56 and a little to long for Peter and to make things worse the stem was a huge 140 mm! So Peter got a little tired in his lower back and we agreed there's no way he can do the Shootout tomorrow with that set up. So if the bike doesn't show up tonight we'll, very unfortunately, miss the Shootout and go for a shorter and easier ride by ourselves. Damn all you incompetent airline companies!!!
Ate dinner at La Salsa and went for a few errands at bookshops and Trader Joe's.
Time to watch "The Departed" and hopefully Peter will be riding his own bike tomorrow.

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