Monday, February 18, 2008

The tranquility of solitude

Peter and Dan has left and its all quiet on the Western front again. For the last three weeks there's been people around all day long and as much as I enjoyed their company, I now indulge in the tranquility of solitude. The last few nights I've resisted the urge to get drunk, listening to music. Music and alcohol are two of the most potent mood enhancers I know of and mixed they can put you in an awesome state of mood - happy or sad, depending on your baseline mood. I've had some great nights with Tom Waits' "Mule Variations" and some good Chilean red wine. 
Johnny Cash' "American Recordings" are awesome and blend it with the video "Hurt" and your heart will bleed. The The works great too, but the lyrics are pretty depressing, so expect a guaranteed night of melancholy and don't even go there if you have a family history of suicidal behavior! 
With the above mentioned recommendations for wrecking your physical and mental health, it's time for a non commercial recommendation to lighten things up a little. Stop reading here, go to your local Itunes Store and buy "Den andre er meg" from the just released album "Maskineriet" by Kaizers Orchestra. It's a beautiful ballad with great narrative lyrics and sung in the KO-trademark Norwegian Bryne dialect. When the female singer joins all of my bodily hair, shaven or not, erects and it surely feels like a lightning has struck. I had that one piece of ear candy joining me for the full 3 hour ride today. I must have looked silly, with my big peaceful smile, just humming along. 
Besides being a love song, it's has a clear existentialist message, a topic to be elaborated in the very near future:

"Der finns to typer folk,
den eine er alle de andre,
den andre er meg"

To give some non-scandinavians a clue, here's a translation:

"There's two kind of people,
the one is all the others,
the other is me"

Enjoy all you brokenhearted individuals out there, you're not alone after all...
And at last, thank you David Zabriskie, for reminding me why men in lycra (or women) should never grow a moustache. In the first commercial break of, I went to the bathroom and litteraly tore of the stiff, walruslike upperlip fur and my self esteem got a serious boost. If your not Iraqi, a police officer or Mr. Øhrstrøm, don't even think of it. That's the one part of the paleolithic era that I'll never miss.

And remember: "Der finns ingen svar på bunden af et rødvinsglas", Kaizers Orchestra.
But who needs answers, when there's still so many questions to be asked?

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