Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Shootout Anticlimax

We were all very excited about going to the Saturday Shootout and got up at 5.45 am, had breakfast and coffee and left at 7.00. We showed up at University at 7.29 am, just to find out that we were the only cyclists for miles... Apparently they had moved the starting time forward to 7.00 or 7.15 - total bummer. None of us felt like chasing the bunch, with the hopeless dream of making up a 15-30 min. deficit, so we just went easy through the whole goddam Shootout. Normally it's a fast paced and quite funny ride and you don't get bored as you have to be alert the whole time. But being only three guys swapping turns, things are a lot slower and a little more tedious. Madera Canyon was nasty, as always, and going back down Mission sucked like never before, swearing and cursing all the potholes and bumps. When we finally got home after 7 hrs./195 km/1600m vertical elevation, we were pretty tired and sore after all the rough riding, the sun and just plain ol' fatigue. Tonight we're going to Curtis and Stella's to celebrate Stellas birthday (a few days ago). It's a potluck and since we're too tired to make any decent dish, we'll probably end up buying something. Can't wait to get to bed tonight...
Peter got a pretty bad sunburn through his new Specialized helmet today, looks like a Smiley on his neck!

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