Monday, February 4, 2008

Rain, hail and sleet

The pre Superbowl excitement has kept me from updating this blog for a couple of days or the fact that I'm getting too old to go to bed at two o'clock - I'm dead tired the next day. 
So Dan arrived, with his bike and everything. On Sunday we went up Mt. Lemmon, but turned around at mile 6, because of the cold wind. I felt cold and uncomfortable for the whole ride and looked very much forward to the hot shower back home. We went to Jon and Jo to watch the Superbowl and have dinner. Lisa and J came by to witness the final dramatic moments. The game was really exciting in the final quarter and NY Giants came out as unexpected winers with a phenomenal drive with two minutes left - well earned victory. We drove home right after the the game ended as Dan and Peter were really tired. 
Monday started out rainy and cold. We immediately realized that outside cycling was not an option today ad went for an hours run in the freezing rain instead. After thawing up we went to Costco - a HUGE hypermarket with bulk items. To shop in Costco you have to be a member and Jon wanted to get his monthly stock of supply, so we went through the gigantic aisles and came out with 20 kg of food. Most of it nuts, dried fruit, vegetables and fruit, so we're ready for the next 12 days of cycling and running.
Then we went to to have a look at all the goodies, but behaved and bought nothing. In Trader Joe's we shopped for dinner: the 40 items sushi plate for 12 USD.
Peter hadn't tried the wasabi before and it almost killed him, coughing, sweating and watery eyes - he likes sushi. Dan and Peter are still wasted each night because of the jetlag and constantly fall asleep in front of the TV. 
Todays weather was rain, hail and sleet, because of a thunderstorm passing by. The bonus was a spectacular snow cover at 1500 m and we're living at 900m, so it seems right our doorstep. The next couple of days the temperature will rise dramatically to 14, 16, 19 and 22 degrees C, with no clouds as far as the eyes can see.
Oh, by the way the last weeks numbers was:
Cycling: 16.00 hrs - 450 km
Running: 5.00 hrs - 69 km
Total: 21.00 hrs - 519 km

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