Thursday, February 7, 2008


Yesterday, Wednesday, we went for a long ride up to Sonoita and back.
We started out at 8.15 am, in 32 F/0 C, and  met with SWHCT at Le Buzz at nine am. Our group consisted of Jon and Jo on a tandem, Howard the Pommy, Reg Dowdall and us. Reg is a retired stockbroker, 61 years old and has awesome fitness. The ride up to the beautiful rolling hills of the Sonoita plains at 5000 ft, took 3.45 hrs for the 105 km. We had some "lunch"; I had 1 liter Coca Cola, a blueberry muffin and a 12 cm x 12 cm beef jerky - dried meat, seasoned with salt and pepper. At first the beef jerky seemed a little hard to chew, but after a while it kind of melts/softens in your mouth and it actually tastes real good. The downhill was fast and you were in big trouble if you lost the back wheel of the tandem. No way you could get back on by yourself.
Finally we got back home, with spirits high and a great appetite. Nice to be logging the first 7 hr ride of the year! Dan and Peter made some tasty diner and even though we were all pretty tired, we spent the rest of the night at Curtis and Stellas house.
Unfortunately we didn't bring a camera on the ride, so we'll have to do with some trivial pre exercise activity.

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