Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wake up call!

Being a foreigner in the US, I can observe society, human behavior and cultural differences and tell that there's a lot of differences, not judging between good and bad. I accept the fact we have different heritage. USA is a relatively young society, made up by a mix of many different cultures constantly immigrating to this country and that has ideally brought the best of their original cultural - the famous "melting pot". (Arizona, by the way, is still "a frontier state" and you can tell that there's still some ongoing integration with the immigrating Mexicans.)
A country and society that I do feel 'm allowed to criticize is my own country Denmark. We're only 5 million Danes and though we're very homogenous, culturally, economically and politically, there still needs to be a critical eye on our life style, the politicians we elect and the way they're running this country. Right now there's kind of riot going on in the bigger cities. Second or third generation immigrants are protesting by burning of cars and schools. Since the cause of these problems are complicated, so are the solutions. We've been ignoring the inevitable integration of these young angry men for too long and society's worst nightmare is: young, angry, unemployed men. But hey, there's your answer too! 
Get them integrated when their even younger, kids (The Danish parents should accept their responsibility for a stable society and not withdraw their kids fro public schools and put them in private schools (easy for me to say, as I don't have any kids!))
Ask yourself why they're angry! Being treated as a minority and being judged by your name and the colour of your skin, doesn't make you feel welcome.
Leading us to probably the single most important factor in successful integration: employment. With employment comes language, which is equally important as getting a job.
Now, a lot of people in Denmark has known this for a long time and action has been taken, but apparently not enough. So what do we do? Do we look at the cause or do we solve the current crisis by looking at the symptoms? Well, our government in charge are enforcing law and order, so the inevitable answer is force, jail and a lot of even more radicalized young men.
I just read this article in the Danish newspaper "Information" and the author is blaming the vast majority of the Danish population that spends their friday nights i front of the TV - the great pacifier. Instead of taking responsible action as citizens they expect the law enforcement to solve the problems. 
Anyway here's an excerpt from the article by Puk M. Aksilson:
Fredag aften sidder nationen bedøvet foran fjernsynet, hvor en skaldet mand pisser på unge dydsmønstre, der vil være lige så pæne og polerede som de smukke onde mennesker på reklamerne, der vil have folk til at stoppe alt muligt lort ned i halsen, som de ikke har lyst til. De kan lide at blive pisset på af den skaldede bøddel. Danmark sidder i koma og nyder at se dem blive tværet ud af dommeren i X-Factor. Michael Strunge tog ordet KOMA og kastede det op i luften og vendte det omvendt: AMOK stod der så. Og befolkningen sidder i koma, mens de unge går amok og brænder biler og skoler af. Men befolkningen vågner ikke. De kræver, at politiet får større våben og flere penge. 
I'm just glad I'm not home to feel responsible to my own ideals... Democracy is a long and winding road. 
If you don't believe in violent revolutions there's other ways of making your voice heard.
Check out this website: and some of their paroles:
Nej til normalisering! 
Frihed for krammedyr som for kræmmerdyr! 
Foruden: Et, to! Et, to! Højre, venstre, sutsko!
It might not make a big difference, but it's gotta be better and funnier than growing older in front of the TV

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