Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The rise and fall

Yesterday was a forced restday for me as I was completely drained during and after the trip to Summerhaven. My deliberate overreaching has been taking a little too far and the last few days I've paid the price, with symptoms of overtraining on both my parasympathetic and sympathetic systems: I would have increased HR during rest and ridiculously low HR on the bike. The running hasn't been affected the same way, as I could easily surge and go up in the 170's.
Summa summarum, yesterday I felt like I was run run over by a medium sized truck and just hung around with Peter. Dan was trashing himself out on Sandario, while we had pre lunch muffins at AJ's and lunch outside Trader Joe's: delicious sushi for me and equally nice burrito for mr. Peter. 
Today we all sat out for a 5 hour ride, but Dan was feeling the last few weeks riding in his knees and decided to turn around at Vail. Peter and I continued out to Sahuarito rd. and was welcomed by a gale force wind that almost halted us to a stop. At Old Nogales we were blessed with a nice cross wind in the back and we did 27-30 mph for a good 25 minutes - nice spinning at +100 rpm, 140-150 bpm HR and 14 Borg RPE. This I the stuff I'm gonna focus on when I get back to Denmark as it'll, hopefully, be my targetzone for Roth IM on the 13th of July.
Peter ran straight off the bike after the 150km/5hr ride, for 9 km, with the middle 5 km on 3.40 min/km pace. Maybe not world class level, but a good solid performance in the heat of 24 C.
Tonight we'll take Curtis and Stella out for dinner. Mac Jeff is coming in a little while to help setting up our computers.


Anonymous said...


I don't know how (can't remember) I came across your blog, but I have been reading it for couple weeks. It seems your getting stronger, way to go seems the trip is paying off, keep it up.

FYI, the reason I wrote today... I think I saw you's a small world! Are you now living around 1st and Ina?

curtis said...

u found it on