Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why blog?

There's probably not a simple answer to this seemingly simple question.
I guess every goddam blogger has her or his reasons for blogging, but I'm restricted to contemplating a bit about my own motives.
Who's reading these mediocre thoughts anyway? There's no distinct address and no clear intention of reaching/annoying/enjoying/insulting/informing anybody in particular. Pink Floyd would have asked: "Is there anybody out there?"
I could be defensive and claim that it's a cyber diary or a convenient way of informing my family and friends about my stay in the US. But I don't think it's that simple.
Being a simple man, I don't have a lot of interests, but I like to immerse in the the few subjects that actually have my interest. As my good friend,  Kasper Mortensen aka The Captain and Ernst, used to say: "Livet er for kort til ikke at fordybe sig". 
Poorly translated it's something like: "Life's too short, not to concentrate/put all your energy into one thing".
So far, so good.
Both of my main interests, physical activity and biology, were spawned by extremely motivating teachers, whose way of presenting their subjects had a huge impact on my future choices throughout life. Thank You, Bue and Jens, never underestimate the power of inspirational teachers or role models. 
Being annoyingly curious by nature, I soon discovered that Jens were able to answer or explain most of the weird questions we would throw at him. We actually named him God, cause he seemed to have all the answer. But even God had limitations and still he had a good suggestion: "Whenever in doubt, think reprodution". 
So, it's all about sex! Think about it, it makes sense.
What is blogging, other than a public show room for the exhibitionists. But who cares if it works... The independent Danish author on integrative science, Tor Nørretranders, wrote the book, The Generous Man (2005) ISBN 1560257288, explaining how most animals/humans will go along way to express themselves, in order to impress the other sex. The male peacock is illustrating this nicely. It's beautiful, pompous tail is evolutionally designed to attract the female peahens, no matter how dangerous it is, considering how difficult it is to hide or run away from predators. Well, the theory is that the peahen is not just impressed by the enormous, colourful tail, but is subconsciously lead to think that there's gotta be a strong pool of genes behind it all, in order to survive. 
If we transfer this theory to the human endeavors all of our strivings are based on the hard wired wish of reproducing and make sure our precious genes are passed on through eternity. It includes striving for excellence in sports, economics, intellectuality, arts and not just appearance.
The muddy waters where biology, anthropology, sociology, psychology (to name but a fewof the involved disciplines) meets are hard to navigate without raising eyebrows in some of the specialists, but Mr. Nørretranders does appreciative effort.
So, maybe I'm blogging with the aim of reproducing myself or plainly: get laid.
In my current situation, I would strongly doubt it, but then again, who's to argue with the wisdom God, biology or deep down desires. 
Feeling adventurous, right now, I'm gonna cut all the crap and directly address my striving through the unmistakeable media of SEX. I'll try to publicize some flesh on a regularly basis. So if you're into nudity and verbal spanking, you might want to browse through this URL once in a while. If you've read this far, you've gotta be an endurance athlete of some kind, you're either pretty boring, unemployed or not sexy at all...
Todays numbers: 
Breakfast: blueberries, apple, orange, papaya, walnuts, almonds, egg whites.
Mammoth out and back, 135km/4.30/1650m asc/2 bananas, 1 Clif and a gallon of water. 
Dinner: onion/broccoli/chicken/curry/chili soup.
Note: Mammoth is hopefully the lousiest, dirtiest town/group of sheds/caravans in the state of Arizona. After plunging down 600 meters from Oracle, I filled my water bottles at the Circle K, said thanks and hurried back up to civilization again. The masochist in me want to go back to check out how much further down the road Hell is - could be close.
I had promising power output on the whole ride, but the SRM software fucked up a beautiful workout, chopping of the second half of the workout and claiming I had an average power of 1691 watts for five minutes!!! Mr. Riis Andersen, kick some German engineers butt.
I might have got Olympic potential after all.  

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