Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rest day

After feeling the wear and tear of the last weeks training we decided to follow the biblical words of resting on the seventh day and Sunday that is. Went to Frank's and had a solid breakfast, that send our blood sugar skyrocketing, before it went well below 3 mmol. We managed to stay awake by going shopping at Bookmans, Borders and Tader Joe's. It was 23 C today and sitting by/in the pool was quite nice. Peter and I went for a 40 min. afternoon run, while Dan made a true paleo dinner, consisting of lots of meat and vegetable salad - no grains! We're now watching "The Da Vinci Code", Tom Hanks hasn't ruined the movie yet and Audrey Tatou is nice as always. Regarding the story, then it might be just another conspiracy theory, but it's one that fits well with my general discontent with religions, objective truths and the blind following of authorities. It's the courage of civil disobedience through history that has created the world we know of today.  "Only dead fish follows the stream"

This weeks numbers:
Cycling: 24.31 hrs - 690 km
Running: 3.15 hrs - 45 km
Total: 27.46 hrs - 735 km

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