Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Alvin & The Chipmunks

Felt tired this morning, but had a good solid oatmeal-raisin-almond-banana-breakfast, with the usual quarter gallon of coffee, and decided to go on the "Wild Dogs"groupride at 8.30. I managed 17 minutes before I flatted on my brand new 25mm Conti 4000 back wheel. I hit a rock and immediately I was riding on the rim. I haven´t had a flat for a year (either because I haven´t been riding much or due to the bombproof Conti Toptouring I ride in DK in the winter) so it took me a little while do the whole operation. Feeling a little vulnerable with no more spare tubes, I decided to go back to get some extras. I met the group coming back on Old Spanish Trail, with a roaring tailwind. I managed 4 miles with them before I flatted on my front tire, going 30+ mph on a downhill... I changed the tube twice as fast this time, but the group was gone and I did the remaining 60 minutes on my own. Jo was one of only five guys to avoid getting shelled in the tough wind - awesome for a girl half the size of the men she was riding with.

Jon wasn´t riding this morning as he had to fly down to Mxico to do business - in his private airplane of course!

After lunch, me and Cole took Jons car to go to a movie: "Alvin & The Chipmunks" - it was a good and heartwarming story and quite funny at times. The movie theatre in Park Mall was absolutely huge: 14 very big cinemas in one gigantic theatre!

After the movie we went candy shopping at Sees, went by a thrift store, Summit Hut, Bookmans, Trader Joe´s and finally visited Fleet Feet on Tanque Verde. I bought some Keen shoes, as all I have brought are two pairs of Fusion running shoes, which are nice for running, but look a bit odd outside of the trails...

Jo made "Boboli" for dinner; I would have sworn it was pizza if it wasn´t for the very distinct barbecue sauce - very tasty though.

OK, off to bed before 10 pm, to get ready for tomorrows 8.30 am ride up Mt. Lemmon - life´s sweat!

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