Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey rain! - Take a hike

Tucson woke up to a thick cloud cover this morning and during the night the chance/risk of rain had gone up from 80% to 100%. No road riding today on wet roads – I´m already spoiled from being here for four weeks, back home in Denmark todays drizzle and 18 C would be considered fairly good riding conditions.
After a pancake dominated breakfast, Elke and me drove to Pima Canyon Trailhead and went into this gorgeous valley guarded by huge sheer faces of rock on both sides. We geared up as if hiking in the Norwegian mountains, including backpack, map, compass, water, extra clothes and so on. It was a bit overkill, but better safe than sorry. We only met six other persons for the three hour out and back hike, but saw about a million spiny subjects closely surrounding the narrow path. At one point we both hit a “prickly pear” and instantly we had a bunch of inch long needles buried in our flesh – ouch!
The hike was approx. 12 km long, took 2.40 hrs. and was a brilliant recovery session for mind an body.
We had, Curtis, Stella, Oscar, Sebastian and Skiles over for dinner – make your own tortillas.
This week was a designated rest week of some sort, but it ended up being solid anyway.

This weeks numbers:
Running: 53 km – 3.56 hrs
Cycling: 500 km – 16.20 hrs
Total: 553 km – 20.16 hrs

Walking: 12 km – 2.40 hrs

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