Thursday, January 3, 2008

Celia Roberts

So today Jon´s mom, Celia Roberts, showed up and she´s an interesting lady.
She´s about my dad´s age, meaning she´ll turn 85 in a few months and if you think that´s not interesting enough, then try and imagine she drove all the way down from the City Centre of Phoenix to here, by herself!!! That´s a 125 miles ride without a break - I´m not sure my dad could still do that - even if he hadn´t been dead for 10 years now!

Celia Roberts has travelled all over the Globe, including sailing up and down The Amazon River, climbed Macchu Picchu in Peru, trekked in The Himalayas and even visited Denmark once.
She keeps her wits sharp by doing crosswords daily - the word addictive would come to mind - and riding her bike everyday keeps her physically fit; indeed an extraordinary lady.
She´ll be staying for the next couple of days and hopefully I´ll get more stories out of her.

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