Friday, January 25, 2008

Catching up and 15 minutes of fame

The last couple of days has been relatively hectic and I´m constantly behind the updating schedule, so I´ll try and cath up.

Yesterday I ran for 96 minutes am and felt better and faster the whole way. Talked to Michael Aisner on the phone for some advice regarding my thoughts of turning Mac user. He totally encouraged me to switch and beware of "the dark side" - that is XP/Vista/viruses. Spun the PC´s on the hometrainer for half an hour, feeling as smooth and effortless as ever. That´s never happened after a strenous run before, so I might be getting stronger.

Jumped in the car and went to the Roberts for happy hour. I blatantly underestimated the driving time and we were 20 minutes late... Elke got the "tour de casa" and we seriously snacked - actually both Elke and I were pretty stuffed as we headed out towards dinner. The choice felt upon a mexican restaurant and Jon guided us through the menu: enchiladas, burritos, tacos, fajitas, chimichanga, tostadas, asado and so on. Not known for taking risks, I chose the chicken burrito as it was the only dish I knew. Elke got chicken fajitas and that serving could have fed a whole hungry army, so she had to leave with a 2 lbs doggy bag!

We went by Curtis and Stella on our way home, but despite light in the whole house, nobody was home. Skiles shed was a lit, so we went over to find Curtis and Skiles in the mid of a enormous set up of floodlights, microphones, soft discolights, a beer drinking professional cameraman, Jeff and a giant "missing saddle" poster above the couch. They were shooting a very informal weekly recap pod cast. It was very entertaining to watch, untill I got to sit in the hot seat/couch and Skiles hand held me through a weird kind of interview. Afterwards we drove home Corinne, the babysitter and another eventful day had ended.

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