Monday, January 7, 2008

Gloomy day in Tucson

A big storm has hit the Northern Rockies and we´re getting a bit of it here in Tucson.

Yesterday started out real cloudy and I kind of got discouraged by the misty wet roads of Mt. Lemmon and decided to turn back down at mile 2. I cruised back and forth Catalina Highway, looking for Curtis & Skiles, but I never saw´em. I felt lethargic and decided to head home for a much needed rest day. So after a pretty uneventful sunday, I biked 2 hrs, slept 2 hrs, wathed NFL Playoffs for 3 hrs and fed my starving face for the rest.

This Weeks numbers:

Swimming: none (100 push ups)

Cycling: 406 km - 15.31 hrs

Running: 60 km - 4.25 hrs

Total time: 19.56 hrs

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