Monday, January 28, 2008

Occasional nudity

I send a link to this blog the other day, to Michael Aisner, warning him about occasional nudity. He pointed out, very correctly indeed, that there weren´t that many obscene pictures or excessive nakedness. Often disappointment is a product of wrong expectations and I might have promised to much. Well, we can´t have that, can we?

Am training: 1.46 hrs running/24 km, very controlled and very fluctuation in HR,between 135-142. With my infrequent running and shallow base training I feel that my upper limit is around 1.40 hrs of continuous running as I start to loose form from there. I´d rather do 3 X 1.35 hrs a week than one time 2.00 hrs as they seem to prolong the recovery phase.

Pm training: rode 1.01.37 on the hometrainer, from 6-7pm, enjoying the beautiful sunset (the last 1.37 min. were naked and a bit cold (PC-riding is hard without shoes!)).

I´m not sure if the world would be a more peaceful place if everybody rode naked, but it wouldn´t hurt to try... I mean, cyclist are as close to nakedness as one can be wearing clothes - this lycra stuff is what, 0,00005 mm thick, so why not take yourself in the step (bad translation, sorry) and strip down. No more badly ventilated crotches and artistic, time consuming performance when you need to relieve yourself during a ride. The helmets should stay though, we might be naked, but we´re not stupid.

If my mom, or some Animal Protection Organization protest wildly, I´ll do some photo editing and add some bodypaint, so enjoy for a while...

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