Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Big Square

After a night of restless sleep (woke up at 3.30 am, had a banana, wrote a few emails and read a magazine, all the while I was pondering if illness had finally caught up with me.

Got up again at 7.00 am, had oatmeal, dropped the hilly Tuesday Groupride and went back to snooze... Skiles called at 9 am and said they went at 10 am from Curtis house. Thought we were gonna do Mt. Lemmon, so I dressed warm (i.e. put my hat in my back pocket).

But surprisingly the plan was to do The Big Square out West of Tucson Mts./Sandario, where there´s hardly anybody living...

We had company by Matt Shriver from Jittery Joe´s Cycling Team and Curtis Zimmerman. Curtis turned around at the bottom of Gates Pass and the three of us went over Gates Pass to Sandario, Manville Rd, Anway and after 2.30, we stopped for brownies at the store on Avra Valley Rd. After the pitstop I fixed the PowerCranks and we rode back on Silverbell. Once we got back to 1st Ave. I could we wern´t gonna get the planned 5 hours so I went into PC-mode again and headed up Oracle by myself. I was a little lightheaded when I got back after 154km/5.10hrs., but it was quite a nice turn out, considering I thought I had fallen sick for a while.
Skiles called at 7.30 pm and asked if I wanted to join "The Night Ride" aka "The Critical Mass", a fun ride around down town on Tuesday nights. People ride all kinds of bikes and come dressed in jeans, jackets or whatever they find appropriate! I thanked no, as I was in the middle of dinner and didn´t feel like anymore riding today.

The weather forecast says it gets cooler the next few days, so I´ll leave the arm warmers and vest on and stay low.

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