Friday, January 25, 2008

Women glow

Friday comes before Saturday over here, so it´s time to rest up for tomorrows shootout...

I started out with a 50 min. easy morning run and asked Elke if she wanted to go and hang out at AJ`s. We got some extrordinary good muffins and coffee and sat and soaked the warm sun on the outside terrasse. My total daily coffee intake had now exceeded 2 liters/half a gallon and I wasn´t able to sit still for much longer. Rode up towards Oracle (again!!!); PC out and fixed 100+ rpm´s back. We had turkey for dinner and watched "Deja vu" with Denzel Washington. Tony Scott is one of my favourite directors, but what seemed promising for a while, turned into a love thing - a big disappointment. I don´t handle emotions very well at the moment and tend to be cynical, when they pull the love handle and destroy a good drama.
Oh, talking about drama and sudden turnovers, I found Elke running around on the nearby roads, without musical accompagnement and seemingly without any other motive than sweating profusely and glowing.
"Women glow, men perspire and horses sweat", I don´t remember who said it, but it´s a quote from the history a the introduction of females in marathon running in the US. (Boston)

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