Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sandario revisited

Got a call from Skiles at 8.45 am and planned to meet by the University at 10 am. I was quite surprised to find out there was actually 10 miles, I was 10 minutes late and the group had left. It´s probably the third time I managed to miss an appointment with Skiles... So I was on my own and wanted to go west, after being riding solely on the eastside. I went over Gates Pass and enjoyed the marvellous nature at Saguaro Natl. Park. Hit Sandario and went north on the 20 mile long road that has two small bends - besides that you can see the whole stretch! Build for time trialing. After 3 hours I hit Ajo and switched from PowerCranks mode to fixed cranks. Went north on Kinney and made a seated, legbusting climb over Gates Pass (+13%). Didn´t really feel tired, but the heavy traffic on Speedway and First Ave. was getting on my nerves. Wouldn´t this country be blessed without the cars???

Couldn´t really figure out if I should run or not when I got home - but decided to go sit in the cooa l spa pool to let my legs cool down. The ride was 152 km/95 miles, 5.10 hrs and had 1100 m of vertical descent. I ate two energybars and drank a bottle of pre-made energy drink and a SOBE -shake the lizard! I wonder how my legs will feel tomorrow, as I´m going up Mt. Lemmon and I should try and sneak in a run.

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