Thursday, January 3, 2008

Household vehicles...

Living in a society, so deeply dependant on automobility, you´ve got to have a car. I am very fortunate to be able to borrow the familys cars to go downtown or I would have been stuck with my bicycle for commuting and running errands. As much as I like riding my bike on the country roads, I don´t wanna use it for shopping; leaving it outside shops and so on.
So, I thought I´d give you a quick overview of the Roberts family household vehicle stock.
Let´s start with the two wheeler: a small motorbike Jon uses for driving around the property!
Then the small 4-wheel off roader - gotta have one!
The tractor with a nice front end fork, to serve the horses hay and stuff.
Jo´s Lexus ES 300, which she uses for her job as a Real Estate Agent, very comfortable - Jon calls it a couch!
The King of tthe Garage is a FORD F-250 Larial Powerstroke Diesel V8 Super duty -used for towing the horse carriers.
In the last photo you´ll see Jon´s car, a Mercury Mountaineer, the size of a Nissan Pajero.
At last there´s "Betty", Jon´s beautiful black Porsche, that you can take a look at further down this blog.
´WAIT! There´s more...
The family has a cabin up in Colorado, where they´ve got:
  • A Jeep
  • A huge tractor
  • A Suburban (gigantic car like the Ford F-250)
  • 2 snowmobiles

And to top it all of, Jon´s flying around in his private airplane, a Cessna 172 RG (retractable Gear), for business and going to the cabin.

Well, that´s about it...

A nice vehicle park for two grown ups and a ten year old kid!!! Would never have happened in Denmark, but over here it just doesn´t seem as weird, cause they use them all on a daily basis!

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