Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A mellow Monday

I could definitely feel the long hours of this weekend on my body and slept till 8 am, had a small breakfast, went back to bed again for some reading and a little more napping. At 11 am I ran 14 km along Skyline Rd. It´s a pretty busy road, you´ll get your RDA of lead and heavy metals, but you won´t be bored. Stella invited me over for dinner and I thought I might as well have a small recovery ride as an appetizer. On my way through town I met an anti-Iraq/Bush/Guantanamo happening in an intersection. You were supposed to honk your horn if you agreed in the messages and there was a lot of honking going on! As I don´t have a horn or a bell on my bike, I stopped and had a chat with some of the protesters.

Being from Europe, they thought I wasa natural opponent of the war in Iraq, Guantanamo and so on. As a matter of fact I strongly agree with these people, but I would have to admit the sad truth, that our government in charge (recently reelected by the Danish people) is actually supporting every single action taken by the Bush administration - or at least they don´t critizise even blatantly violations of the human rights, as for instance the horrible situation in Guantanamo, where people are being held prisoners on their 3rd year, without a trial!!!!!!!!!!!

It didn´t surprise me to find out that our Prime Minister is supposed to meet with George Bush on his private farm in Texas, as they have developed a relationship beyond that of official means. Well, it ain´t the first time in history that Denmark has joined up with "the big guy", regardless of morale and democratic principles.

After shaking off my political uproar, I went by JCC (Jewish Community Center) to see what was going on. I met Stella at the entrance, as she was taking a rope jumping class. I kindly thanked no to the generous offer on joining the class, as I just wanted to know more about the swimming pool.

Curtis made some good food: asparagus in pasta with cheese and meat balls on the side. I got an invitation to their annual Moustache Party on the 23rd of February - I just might have enough time to grow a decent moustache...

When Curtis and Skiles drove me back home, we drove by Bookmans on Grant and I bought another book by Jonathan Safran Foer, "extremely loud and incredibly close".

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