Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The boredom of stretching and shaving

Stretching is for ladies and so is shaving your legs.

Well, I must admit I have some male cyclists suspected of shaving their legs once in a while. Funny to think of a group like "The Dogs" up here on the North side of Tucson; they´re probably averaging 55-60 years of age, lots of power and not a single hair below their cycling shorts!

Personally I like to tear mine off with an epilator, the severe pain is numbed surprisingly fast and even the bravest of long dark leg hairs, will think twice before growing back out.

Decided to shave my head instead this morning, but found out how tedious an effort that is and stopped halfway, now flashing a nice "ring of fire".
Since there´s no way I can grow a decent moustace before next months Moustache-Party, I might as well accentuate my monk-like appearance (not to mention my behavior).
Believe it or not, some girls are actually attracted to "the bald eagle" look, like my mom, who got reeled in by my nearly hairless father... Thanks for this cool heritage, Dad!

Trainingwise this overcast day offered a nice 105km ride up to Oracle and back.

Elke and I went strolling down 4th Ave. looking at shops and the occasional hippie. Elke tried on some nice dresses, but ended up buying yet another hat and a blue bag - both very nice.

Lunch were had at BisonWitches. I had the sandwich/breadbowl with chili mix and had almost forgotten how big the US serving sizes are! We skipped dinner and I snacked constantly for four hours instead...

Okay, stop stretching your precious legs and limbs out there, you don´t believe in Santa Claus either, do you...

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