Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How to start a new year?

The way we´ve decided to split up and structure time in repeating cycles, makes a new year feel a bit like starting a new week. I´d like to get off to a good start trainingwise, but as a week usually ends with a weekend of increased and fatiguing mileage, so has the year 2007 ended in a bit of overreaching for me - in other words: I felt tired this morning!

I don´t blame it on the Champagne, but more likely the rapid increase in volume since I got to Tucson. I had decided to rely on the POMS method of telling me when to back off a little and today I was smiling a bit less than normal, when Jon handed me the coffee at 6.10 am (nothing wrong with the coffee!).

Jon made a very tasty shrimp-cheese omelet for breakfast and the few angels that hadn´t yet left the house were singing. It was heavy stuff though, but I decided to ignore my complaining digestive system and went for a 70 min run at 10 am. There was a strong wind blowing, but I had Frank Black and The Catholics in my new Skull Candy earphones and life felt good. After the 10 mile run I took an extended powernap, that left me feeling groggy. Had I had a coach, or just a bit of common sense, I would probably have stayed in bed, but I went for the PowerCranks challenge in the howling wind. There were gusts at +35 mph and the crosswinds nearly forced me off the road -scary! Going up Catalina Highway, I was hardly doing 10 mph and was never out of my lowest gear - luckily I didn´t get hit by the tumbleweeds.
Jon decided that Coles hair needed a New Years Trim and he very skillfully operated the weird Flowbee on a not so convinced Cole! The Flowbee is basically a hairtrimmer on the end of a vacuum cleaner...

When I got home, the Roberts were dismantling the 18 feet Christmas tree and put all the colourfull glassballs in big boxes - sent to hibernation for another 50 weeks.

Tomorrow´s either a rest day or more unplanned overreaching...

So far off to a bad start...

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