Friday, January 18, 2008

Unusually cold

It´s unusually cold here in Tucson: below freezing in the morning and only to 13 C in the afternoon. I want to run more frequently, but shorter runs, to have a more balanced profile between cycling and running, but I seem to be carried away...

Running to the intrsection of Campbell and Sunrise takes 19.30 minutes and is mostly downhill, which most often makes it a 40 minutes roundtrip - good time for a routine jog. The legs felt great and I just had to keep going up and down Skyline until dehydration forced me to head home with numb hands, stiff face a blurred vision. Ended up getting 1.20 and appr. 18,5 km and a strong reminder to bring water for the next run - it might be extended beyond plans, due to feeling great. I knew the sacrifice was a reduced bikeride and since it was pretty cold, I decided to try the Kurt Kinetic out. Got delayed a bit as I got caught up seeing "Everything is illuminated", which is not so clever, considering I have just started to read the book! Anyway, the movie was pretty melancholic, taking place in Ukraine and with a plot including some Nazi-killing of Jews and a some sad lovestory - not recommendable, hope the book is totally different!

Didn´t have the strength to turn the PowerCranks for more than 10 min., so I went the last hour spinning along at 95+ rpm´s to the enjoyable tones of Frank Black. Made dinner, fish and raw vegetables, and watched the hilariously funny "Borat", that gives a very harsh and sarcastic view of USA. Gotta go to bed soon as the alarm will sound at 5.55 am tomorrow...

Next week is planned as a cycling rest week and with more focus on running frequency and mileage.

I love the feeling of being beaten up from the pounding of running and coming back and feeling really relaxed and peaceful. I guess it all boils down to bodily experiences. Gordo Byrne lists a few terms for the wanted feeling/state:

Peace has a lot of different names and levels of experience. Some other names... The Zone, Flow, Exhaustion, Satisfaction, The Pump, Whole Body Experience, Zen, Endorphins, Open, Harmony, Relaxation, Well Being, Health...

For more of Gordo´s wisdom:

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