Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feeling tired!

Got up at 7am, had coffee and headed for the Tuesday hill work out at Swan/Sunrise.

I just had no energy, from the first hill my legs felt dead. I think it´s something to do with yesterdays long run that was a little more taxing than I wanted it to be. Got back after 90km, had some instant recovery food and then took Elke to Frank´s for lunch. Frank´s is a typical American breakfast place, that´ll serve you good basic wholehearted food. The waitress was very friendly and my hamburger and hash browns tasted good. Elke had a little trouble finishing her Italian Omelette... Went to Barnes & Nobles to look for some books - I found great interest in Thoreau´s "Walden", but I´ll try and find it in Bookmans first. Elke wanted to go and see the University and we got a good impression of campus life. Elke bought a couple of shoes, trousers and a shirt and is getting ready to fly back home to Denmark tomorrow.

Stella invited us over for dinner and I picked up my latest Apple gadget, now I just gotta learn how to work it...

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