Thursday, January 24, 2008

The weight issue

I could name a few a places where weight is an issue, bringing bicycles on airplanes, the average American/western guy and of course the ever so small differences in a bike riders body weight or his/hers bike. Coming from a country, Denmark, that´s pretty flat, it probably won´t make any difference if I´m 160 lbs or 155 lbs, but you still wanna slim down. Maybe because of seeming fit, somewhat in control of a basic part of your life or just that nice tactile feeling of the tight lycra caressing your bony ass.

Anyway, most studies show that increasing your energy expenditure won´t make you loose weight in the long run - you´ll get fitter but maintain bodyweight. So a sustainable weightloss is best obtained through regular and increased energy expenditure, but most importantly a change of diet meaning a change of lifestyle for most people, which is always hard.

So to maintain equilibrium, I decided to counter the added weight of my 5 lbs beloved PowerCranks with a little bit of goal oriented dietary finetuning in order to loose some weight. Just moving to the US for a while is kind of an eye opener, as you´ll see all these obese people driving around in their cars, constantly snacking and trying to look for some kind of medication to cure the symptom (overweight) instead of addressing the real problem: not enough daily life exercise (walking, mowing the lawn, washing the dishes) and eating a lot poor quality food. Being reminded of the consequences of this lifestyle on a daily basis, makes you more conscious about your health and behavior.

Well, take a look at the jeans on the flight over here, something has definitely changed...
I should´ve made a betwith someone about loosing half a size.

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