Thursday, January 10, 2008

Skiles, my man

Finally hooked with up with Skiles and we did an easy 100 km, spun up to mile 9 on Mt. Lemmon and he had his virgin ride on PC´s - he did surprisingly/annoyingly good.
Skiles is from Kentucky, rides on the Texas Roadhouse Team and runs the pro cycling website", together with Curtis Zimmerman.
Besides being very friendly, Skiles has a good sense of humour and gets along with people very well. He´s usually the guy who interviews the cyclists to podcast on the website.
Lots of nice conversation on such trivial stuff as, bicycling, litterature, marriage and the bachelor status we both hold at the moment. Talked about having breakfast at Frank´s tomorrow, I´m already salivating profusely, thinking of the buckwheat pancakes. Miss Kahn, who owns the house I am currently tending, has a BOSE Ipod player and told me to go ahead and use it. The problem was, that I had no Ipod (except the handy Shuffle), so I had to go and buy an 8 GB Nano and while I was at at I bought the Nike kit as well - might as well have another electronical gadget to put more unwanted geek weight on my already sore shoulders. Being an anti-gadget-guy, I´m actually doing pretty well on the electronical proliferation front...

Had myself a nice steak, while uploading music from my dark wild youth into the darn thing.

Tomorrow is an easy cycling day with focus on the run and then come back hard on cycling with the Saturday Shootout and Sundays long ride with SouthWestHandCyclingTeam.
BTW, no veggie stuff with the steak as a tribute to Mr. Vittrup back in Silkeborg, Denmark - the human being closest to being a full on carnivore, that I know of.

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