Monday, January 7, 2008

A day without cycling is a day...

Got up and went for a run at 9.00 am. Body felt weird and I just wanted to get half an hour. Body felt better and I ended up logging 12 miles and 1.25. Not a bad start after all.

As always I felt energetic after a run, with all the endorphins still in my body and I felt I could do this every morning. But sure enough, an hour later rigor mortis went by and stayed for most of the day. Cole had his first day at school after the holidays - from 8 am-3 pm.

Jon and I chased the big tumbleweeds, that was being blown around by the strong gusts. I soon found out that they´re full of small needles...

Jon bought us drive-in lunch at Filbertos, before we went to the rental house at 19th street to clean up some stuff. We then drove to the huge Landfill (losseplads in Danish), where they´ve first dug a big hole and then dumps in all the trash and cover it up with soil - much like in Denmark, with the exception of the billions of flying thin plasticbags over here, that covers every spiny existence for miles - strange scenery.

Jon made a great and tasty lasagne and garlic bread, accompagnied by a good Chianti.

This was my last dinner with the Roberts family for quite some time. It´s been such a great experience to be able to live with them as part of their wonderful family. Hopefully I´ll be able to return their kind favours if they go to Europe, as planned in the near future.
By the way, this was my first day without riding my bicycle... Good bye December resolutions.

Tomorrow starts with a hard hill workout on bikes, then some grocery shopping and settling in to my new domicile.

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