Thursday, January 3, 2008 & Kurt Kinetic

Had breakfast and coffee, got dressed for riding, a little late as always, just to find out that my rear tire had flatted during the night!!!!! That´s three, repeat three, flats in less than 24 hours! More than I´ve had during my 4 stays here before.

Well, we met the group at the Catalina Highway and rode till mile 9 before we all turned around for Le Buzz. I took it easy the first mile and then picked up the speed/cadence +80 untill mile 4 when I was starting to struggle, as my hip flexors were screaming for a break. Being a merciless jerk I ploughed on, now with a goal of holding +70 cadence, which meant a higher gear or less speed/intensity - how would I know?!? My heart rate decreased abit but that´s probably because the riding got more muscular due to the larger gear. Anyway I averaged 5.15 min/mile and it would be interesting to try and see what would be the fastest (not necessarely the most comfortable); +80 or sub 70 rpm´s? But that means I would have to be able to actually ride 9 miles at +80 rpm without blowing up.

Got home and drove Jon´s car to the retail store out south of Ajo -that´s close to Mexico!

It´s a very impressive shop that covers literally all high end stuff a triathlete could ever think off. They´ve even got an indoor pool, so you can try out your new wetsuit before you buy or get a videotaped stroke analysis! I bought the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, that I´ve wanted for a long time. Now, what imbecile would even think of buying a hometrainer while staying in Tucson!?! Wellll, that´s a good question, but I just had to have it... Now, bringing it home to Jon´s house wasn´t a problem as it only weighs 34 lbs. But considering that I had already reached my maximum weight limit on my way over here, there could be a slight problem, returning to Hamburg...

I hope Dan has got plenty of room to bring home some of my stuff, cause he´s probably not gonna buy anything himself.

I ran for 35 minutes when I got back and then had the most deliciously honey broiled salmon I´ve ever had - and haricot verts - yummy!

Jon´s mom, Celia has just arrived from Phoenix, but I´ll write about her next.

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