Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Welcome to The Foothills

After a tough and very hilly morning workout on the steep roads of the Foothills, we had coffee at Starbucks, I went to Safeway to stock up on groceries and then off to my new home in the Foothils. I´m definitely gonna miss the Roberts family, but it´s also gonna be nice spending some time by myself. The house I´ve moved into is so nice, with beautiful vistas and great interior. I´ll try not to mess around to much as there´s serious potential for full days of cleaning, if I have to go through the whole house. I´ll probably stick to the kitchen, my bedroom and the livingroom that has the TV. I actually haven´t watched any TV over here, besides NFL, and Hopefully I´ll be able to keep it to a minimum. The satelite dish gives you close to 1000 channels to choose from! I not trying to be aschetic in any way, but most of my information I´ll get from the internet and if I had to get some news from the TV, I´d choose BBC or maybe PBS or CNN. Most of the other American news channels are very nationally oriented and if there´s international coverage, it´s surely related to some American involvement, like Iraq or the Middle East in general. Coming from a country where there´s no interrupting commercials in the programmes, only in between, it´s really annoying to have a 4:1 ratio of commercials.
Life´s good without too much electronically based entertainment and I´ll basically try and stay away from it as there´s a lot of interesting litterature to be read in this house.
I´ve gotta go and have a spoke in my rear wheel tightened - see Ya!

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