Thursday, January 17, 2008

Javalina scoundrels

Woke up to an unpleasant surprise this morning, as I discovered a naughty (perhaps hungry, too) gang of javalinas had tilted the trash bin and torn and shattered all the contents around the property... The last thing Heidi told me was to make sure nothing smelly was left in the trash bin, as the above mentioned scenario was likely to happen.
I bagged all the garbage again and moved the bin to a, hopefully, javalina safe place. I´m not mad at the javalinas, I mean, they´re just doing their "javalina-thing". But I would really have liked to see some of these fascinating creatures, as I´ve never seen one "live". Last Spring, Dan and I had the great experience of seeing a real big boar crossing the road near Girona, Spain. Right there it became one of my favourite animals and being a close relative, so is the javalina - the desert boar.
This morning I felt a little congested (could be the fan running at night) and had some trouble breathing deeply. It could be some mild URTI (upper respiratoy tract infection) or due the fact that I´m surrounded by thousands of cars daily, all emitting their poisonous petrol fumes. Combined with the dry air of the desert, I´m sure the upper respiratory immune system is working overtime. I´ve never ever snivelled so much in my entire life - my cycling kit is full of white stripes of nasal mucus after each ride. It´s probably not salubrious in anyway, but sitting in your couch all day isn´t either.
Anyway, decide to take an easy day and go grocery shopping in Trader Joe´s up on Oracle. Yesterday I´d underestimated the cool weather an so I did today... Mostly because I felt really good on the PowerCranks and rode 22 miles out (400m up), which wasn´t really the plan, carrying my backpack the whole ride. I went in the ditch and grabbed one of the ubiquitous plastic bags from the bushes and used that for extra protection against the cold wind. Riding the PowerCranks was so easy today and I ended up riding 75km/2.30 hrs, which is a relatively long ride for grocery shopping - good thing I don´t have a suspicious wife sitting back home! Noticed that running before riding the PowerCranks really impairs your ability to ride them smoothly, which goes to show the connection between PC´s and the running gait, I assume.
I´ll follow up on yesterdays topic about seeking the limits and bring a few examples of how much the human body and mind is capable of handling - pretty awesome stuff.

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