Saturday, January 5, 2008

Visiting my new home

Yesterday was supposed to be an easy day, so me and Jon went for a two hour spin around Collosal Cave and Vail - Jon needs to get back in the swing after his trip to Mexico.

Had dinner with at Pinnacle Peak, an old style western food place with a lot of athmosphere, cut of ties and impressive size steaks. I only had a "Wrangler Burger" as I wasn´t that hungry, but the steaks looked awesome. People go out for dinner and lunch much more here than back home; three to four times a week - that´s almost my yearly rate, but I´m kind of a non social introvert, tight type, that would rather cook some slow food back home at my house, so I guess I should be counted out...

Well then today started off with a very nice build up run: 10 miles in 1.04, with speed increasing from 6.34-6.03 pr. mile. Rhytm, leg turnover and breathing felt really good and heart rate responded well. I start to feel the claimed benefit of the PowerCranks on my running: my hip flexors were unfatiguable! That feeling only lasted 45 minutes though...

Then I went on my bike for an easy spin, I thought...

I was going through hell and back and almost stopped to lock out the cranks, but made a poor choice and continued.

Got back, exhausted, and went to Stellas place and I followed her and the kids by car to meet her mom and dad.

Eric and Heidi Kahn are retired doctors (specialty in gyneocology and anaestesia, respectively), living in the Foothills , the Northern slopes of town, ruht under the Catalina Mts.

They are travelling to Cape Town, South Africa, on Tuesday and they been so kind to let me live in the house for the next seven weeks. They both seemed very nice and friendly and I look very much forward to stay in their house, water the plants and read some of the litterature.

Okay, so Seahawks won the afternoon Play off game in NFL and we´re now watching Steelers vs Jaguars.

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